Angela Calabrese Barton

Angela Calabrese Barton is a professor in science and teacher education at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. Her research is grounded in the intersections of teaching and learning science and critical justice. Her recent work takes place within three interrelated strands: 1) Working within the intersection of formal/informal education in support of understanding and designing new possibilities for more equitably consequential teaching and teacher learning; 2) designing teaching learning tools and experiences that promote more expansive learning outcomes, such as critical agency, identity work, and social transformation (as grounded within expanding disciplinary expertise); and 3) designing and leveraging new methodologies for embracing authentic “research + practice” work that attends to practitioner and youth voice, and critically engages the goals of equity and justice. She has also designed and taught in school and community-based science and engineering programs for over two decades in homeless shelters, community organizations and in school settings in different cities in the US. Such work has led to design approaches for integrating deep engagement in STEM knowledge and practice with youth agency in science and community.  Cutting across these efforts are deep attention to theory and participatory methodologies aimed at transforming the educational and social circumstances of students and their teachers in historically marginalized communities as a means of promoting social equity and learning. Calabrese Barton is a Fellow of the American Education Research Association, and also the former co-Editor of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching.