Digital Media & Learning Conference 2017

October 4-6, University of California, Irvine

DML is a 2-day conference, featuring experts on cutting edge learning practice and design with a focus on access, engagement, and equity for all young people.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Don’t forget to register for our pre-conference workshops — hands-on, intensive working sessions with industry-leading experts on topics ranging from designing learning games to crafting assessment strategies.

Keynote Speakers

danah boyd

Esra'a Al-Shafei

Henry Jenkins

Program Highlights

Games & Trump

Games gurus Constance Steinkuehler and Kurt Squire will present a workshop on the contributions games for impact could or should make to the pressing social and political issues of the President Trump era.

Connected Family

Mimi Ito, chair of the Connected Learning Research Network, moderates a provocative panel discussion on how families connect and learn digitally.

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